Job descriptions for current board positions. If you are interested in any of these positions, please complete the  Board of Directors application.



  • Chief Executive Officer presides as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and all general meetings.
  • Executes all policies and decisions made by the board.
  • Coordinates all league activities and oversees all phases of league functions.
  • Recommends the appointment and removal of appointees, subject to a majority vote of the board.
  • Ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Calls all meetings of the Board of Directors and established the agenda for each meeting.
  • Votes only in the case of a tie vote of the board

 Vice President

  • Assumes all duties of the president in the event of incapacity or at the request of the president.
  • Assists the president in league activities.
  • Acts as a communication link and coordinator between the board and teams.



  • Deposits all funds of the League’s bank accounts.
  • Prepares checks for the purpose of paying the bills and other expenses incurred in running the League. Properly record all payments.
  • Signs checks in conjunction with the president. The treasurer may not sign any check that is payable to him/herself (i.e. reimbursement of expenses).
  • Prepares the operating budget, based on data supplied by various committee chairpersons or board members and submits to the board for approval.
  • Supplies the secretary with a copy of the Treasurer’s Reports at all board meetings.
  • Submits complete financial report at the end of the league year to the Board of Directors.
  • Makes available financial records to any general member upon approval of the board.
  • Arranges for annual audit and submits all records necessary.
  • Verifies the filling of all necessary state and federal tax and information forms buy the auditor.


  • Keeps minutes of all board meetings
  • Maintains the league records, including By-Laws, Policies and Rules, with any amendments to these documents properly recorded.
  • Keeps a file of all committee reports.
  • Sends copies of the board meeting minutes to the board members prior to the next meeting.
  • Notifies board members of upcoming meetings.
  • Conducts the general correspondence of the league.
  • Organizes and executes registration.
  • Maintains a current and complete file of registrations and membership. Information from the list is confidential and shall not be released except for board use when duly authorized.
  • Passes on the completed coach’s applications to the board.
  • Prepares and submits information required by ASA through Register ASA.


Snack Bar Director

  • Responsible for presenting needed equipment purchases to the board for approval.
  • Buying all necessary supplies.
  • Accounting for and safeguarding all receipts and ensuring timely submission of same to treasurer.
  • Arranging for snack bar facilities at each playing location.
  • Arranging for staffing of all snack bars.
  • Ensuring workers are at least 14 years old and that an adult/manager is scheduled for each shift.
  • Arranging for the opening and the closing of the snack bar each day.
  • Coordinating snack bar operations at all league sponsored tournaments.
  • Responsible for maintaining the high quality of foodstuffs sold to the public by the league.


Field Maintenance Coordinator

  • Recruits personnel to assist in the preparation of the fields prior to league play.
  • Reports all dangerous and adverse field conditions to the AVCA Representative
  • Develops security, accountability, maintenance and distribution of field service equipment to be used in league and tournament play including: pitching plates, bases, home plates, base lining equipment, related supplies, field dragging vehicle , field dragging equipment, equipment storage units and field marking material, etc.
  • Oversees the preparation of the playing fields prior to scheduled league games and is the authority for declaring fields suitable for play.
  • Procures new field service equipment and services field equipment.
  • Responsible for the overall safety of all field equipment and batting cages used by the league.

 AVCA Liaison

  • Acts as a liaison with the city and AVCA.
  • Attends month AVCA meetings to ensure community understands league needs and community involvement.
  • Advises the board on policy or other matters and issues affecting the league and its use of AVCP.
  • Completes necessary paperwork for field use for both spring and fall seasons.

 Equipment Manager

  • Provides procurement, security, accountability and distribution of all equipment used in league play, including practices and tournaments, including: softballs, bats, catcher’s chest protectors, catcher’s mask with throat protectors, catcher’s shin guards, catcher’s helmets, batting helmets, portable batting nets, batting tees and pitching machines/balls, etc.
  • Maintains a written record of equipment, as defined above, owned by the league.
  • Develops and submits to the treasurer a detailed budget, identifying the quantity and cost of equipment outlined above that will be required to accommodate the enrollment projected by the board.
  • Ensures check out and check in process each season to ensure equipment issued and returned.
  • Responsible for the overall safety of all softball equipment used by the league.


  Uniform Coordinator

  • Obtains competitive bids for uniforms for spring, fall and All Star seasons and presents to board for approval.
  • Coordinates with uniform vendor to purchase all necessary softball apparel.
  • Maintains a current inventory of all uniforms and miscellaneous wearing apparel and issues uniforms to coaches before the beginning of league play and during the season as needed.
  • Coordinates with spirit wear vendor to develop online store for parents and players, that provides brand consistency


Photo Day Coordinator

  • Responsible for all aspects of team photos to include, but not be limited to, procuring a location, arranging for any required permits, scheduling photographer, scheduling and notifying teams, arranging make up day(s) as needed, and distributing photos.
  • Present team photo process to team parents at pre-season meeting.


Awards Coordinator

  • Responsible for ordering and arranging for the distribution of trophies and awards for regular season play, playoffs and the all-star tournament.


Tournament Director

  • Coordinates all aspects of the annual all-star tournament, to include but not be limited to, coordination with area leagues for registration, procurement of fields and vendors, and organization of support staff.


Promotions/ Fund Raising/Social Media

  • Responsible for league website to include but not be limited to:
  • Announcements and information
    • Team rosters and standings
    • Game schedules
    • Board of Directors roster
    • Fun stuff (i.e. photos, stories, etc.)
    • Responsible for advertising program to be held prior to spring and fall registration.
    • Submits articles to local newspapers and other media with regard to games, activities, All-Star Tournament, league registration, game scores and league standings
    • Manages all usage of league logo (eg. Swag, bumped stickers, banners, etc.), to ensure brand consistency


All-Star/Select Coordinator

  • Responsible for all aspects of coordinating the all-star season, which occurs immediately after the spring season.
  • Duties include but are not limited to:
    1. Bring tournament selections to board to review and approve.
    2. Establish All Star budget and expenses to construct player costs.
    3. Reserve room block of hotels at travel tournament sites.
    4. Submit team registration paperwork to selected tournaments.
    5. Communicate All Star evaluation process and timing to parents via web, email and parent meeting.
    6. Ensure all ASA paperwork is completed and submitted timely.
    7. Communicate weekly updates to managers specific to tournament details.


Director of Player Personnel

  • Coordinate team formation with the division agents/commissioners
  • Passes on the completed coach’s applications to the appropriate division commissioners
  • Leads all evaluations for each division
  • Runs draft in each division, with Secretary and another Board member


Events Coordinator

  • Coordinates Opening and Closing day events in Spring
  • Fall events
  • Monthly fundraising outings, organized with Fundraising Coordinator



  • Oversees the hiring and scheduling of umpires for league games.
  • Ensures that all umpires are ASA registered and will conduct meeting for exchanges of information on rule changes and interpretations.
  • Has veto power over all umpires.
  • Will arrange for protest committee to be available at any playoff game. Monitors the umpires throughout the season. Communicates umpire issues with the management of the umpire association.
  • Works with the President/Vice President in setting up umpire/coaches meetings prior to the beginning of the spring league season to discuss current year rules.


Commissioners (14U/12U & under, 10 & under, 8 & Under and 6 & under)

  • May not have a child playing or coach a team in the division they oversee.
  • Assist the president in the activities of the league as directed.
  • Are in direct charge of the identified division program.
  • Assist in the organization and execution of tryouts and team formation.
  • Recruit potential coaches as needed.
  • Observe and report information on team, coach, and players from team and field level for future coach and All Star input
  • Report to the Board any problem areas within the division.
  • Review and submit for board approval any rules desired by division, which deviate from league rules.
  • Shall hold up to three (3) meetings with the coaches in their division. It is suggested that these meetings be held at least:
    1. Soon after practice starts
    2. At the mid-season point
    3. Prior to playoffs